First time spotting the Airbus A350

Alright guys so on Sunday 18th of July, early in the morning, took a 1 hour bus journey to Dublin Airport and spent 12 hours of spotting diverse aircrafts and airlines. My first location was at the Airport View where runway 28L was situated. Caught mostly Ryanair 737s and Aer Lingus A320s as shown in the video. Highlight of that session was Air Baltic’s A220-300 who had just arrived from Riga as shown in 12:47.

Later that noon, I took a 1 hour 10 minute hike from the airport view at 28L to another airport view near Portmellick at RWY 10R where the 7 large cubed stone blocks are based at and are used for stepping on them to get a clear, close up view of each aircraft exiting the runway. As I arrived towards my destination, an Emirates Boeing 777-300ER in the Opportunity EXPO 2020 Livery arrived towards its destination as well. I didn’t have time to get a proper view of the aircraft turning in towards the taxiway hence why you see the aircraft from behind as shown at 21:11 but Goddamn that aircraft was huge. As hours pass by, few notable airlines that were caught are the Dassault Falcon 2000S, Ryanair’s Boeing 737 MAX 200 and Swiss A220-100.

Later on after 21 aircrafts departed and arrived at Dublin, a white strip that was seen in the distance turning in was Virgin Atlantic’s Airbus A350-1000. Once those landing lights were flashed out I was ready to turn on my iPhone and started recording the aircraft beginning it’s touch down. Being in the moment of an A350 leaving it’s runway and getting a wave off the pilots to top it off was so delightful. Like, this is my first time actually spotting one of my personal favourite aircrafts of all time. And I hope to see more A350 variants and liveries in the near future. Again just like the Boeing 777, it was massive. Let me not lie.

I am aware that my filming wasn’t the best, I was focused mostly on the aircraft moving rather than keeping it in frame. If only I was able to zoom in a lot more to get the close up shot each aircraft but sadly my iPhone 11 only has two lens instead of three so yeah. Hopefully, I’ll get a new iPhone as a substitute for it.

Anyways, I hope you guy enjoy this video since it’s been a month since I’ve uploaded something.


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