First Time Spotting taken at Starfire Sports Fields

Yesterday was my first time getting some good photos with an actual camera. I was at my little sister’s soccer tournament which was directly under Boeing Field’s arrival path for the day.

As this is my first time spotting, any tips and pointers are greatly appreciated!

  • The camera in question is a Canon EOS Rebel T5 using a 75-300mm lens

Let’s get right into the photos!

For our first capture of the day, a Norwegian 737 MAX 8 was on final after performing a test flight.

Up next is a VistaJet Global also on final (I don’t remember from where).

Next is a United Airlines 737-924(ER) from San Francisco and it seems it was here to pick up the Baltimore Orieles to play down in San Diego.

My favorite catch of the day! The Boeing 737 MAX 10 on final after performing a low pass over the Boeing Classic American Golf Tournament.

Next up is, a United States Air Force Dornier Wolfhound (however I don’t know from where).

And the final aircraft for the day, the Bombardier Global 5500 which is on final for runway 32L.

That is all the photos I have for today. I might post another topic in the coming days as I have some more photos from underneath the arrival path of KSEA. And as I said before, tips and pointers are greatly appreciated.

I hope you enjoyed the photos!


Not too much to say in terms of pointers other than get closer to the airport and don’t shoot backlit (but I understand that was not possible in this case).


Of course, that was the closest I was gonna get at the time but will keep in mind for next time! And I will remember to not shoot backlit.

Thank you @AndrewWu !

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How do you like the camera? I’m thinking about upgrading from a T1i to a T5.

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I like it a lot, it is my mom’s camera and I am using it because I am “the designated” team photographer for my sister’s team.

It gets the job done and has a good battery life, I really don’t know what else to say since I’m not huge into cameras or photography.

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