First-Time Spotting: LAX Spotting 5/24/20

Hello y’all! I got really bored in the house and decided to go spotting for the first time ever! I went to LAX today, first on the hill next to 25L, and then the famous In N’ Out by 24R. I don’t have any fancy equipment, just my iPhone X.
Here are the highlights

United B777-300ER heading to Hong Kong

Asiana A350 heading to Seoul

Spirit A320 arriving from Chicago

Quick “picnic” lunch break: In N’ Out Double Double and Animal Style Fries. Amazing.

Favorite of the day: China Airlines “60 years” Special Livery B777-300ER landing on 24R. The sound of the GE90 was amazing.
I want to make it clear that I followed all social distancing guidelines during my spotting adventures today. A mask and gloves were worn at all times (besides during lunch break). I suggest staying at home as much as possible, and if you must go outside, wear a mask and follow the local social distancing guidelines.
Hope y’all enjoyed this.

Very nice pictures! Thank you for sharing!

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Great photos!

I’m not sure what quarantine has to do with it though?..

Yeah good point. This was my first time leaving the house for non-essential reasons in over 2 months.

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These really are awesome.

I remember my first time spotting. I didn’t really have a good viewpoint, but I had a blast. I’ll bet it was really exciting for you to go spotting for the first time.

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I had to laugh when I seen that food, haha.

Looks like a good first spotting :)

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Very slow moving KLAX, but it looks busier than it was a few weeks ago. I can’t wait for KLAX to get back to normal operations!

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