First Time Spotting@KBWI!

Yay! I got the chance to go spotting!
I took these pics at the aircraft observatory.

A JetBlue E190

An American Eagle E170

A Southwest 737-700

Delta CRJ-200

A Southwest 737-700

All of these photos were shot with a
Canon EOS 77D+18-55mm kit lens.

I might get a better telephoto lens in the future!


Was @anon66442947 on one of those planes?? I heard he likes some airline called “Southwest”…

Great Photos!!

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KBWI is my home airport, and I see a lot of B787 British Airways planes fly over

Lots of people on IFC from around these parts it seems…more than I ever thought there would be…

We are under the landing for 28/takeoff from 10. Planes morning noon and night. Love it.

Looks like you had a good view of the planes coming up I97, over Rt 100 and landing on 33L. I love that park.

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When I went I spotted Tennesee One, Colorado One, and Illinois… Only cause my flight was delayed. I was in paradise there I didnt know what to do with myself.

That’s a 18-55mm?!? Wow! I can get similar, but with my 75-300mm. KCVG keeps us far from the fence : )

The first WN plane is a 700, not 800.

Good photos and Good Day, SouthernDude

*18-55mm, not 15-88mm

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Yes, you are right. I am trying to type fast.: )

Did you hear me take off over your house on monday?? Took off from 28

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