First Time Spotting @EGLL

EGLL Spotting

Today it was my frist time spotting, I went to EGLL because my sister live 5-10 mins away from it which is very convenient.
If I do not write a description under some aircrafts it is because I cannot identify them on the picture.
If you want to use any of these photos, feel free to do so :)
I use a canon EOS 6 D

Scandanavian Airlines A320-neo

German Wings A319-100

British Airways 777-200ER

Jet Airways 777-300ER

Aer Lingus A320-200

Air France A318-100

Same Air France A318-100 back view.

Lufthansa A320-200 Star Alliance Livery. The A320 came in for landing, a little before touching down, he applied full thrust to do a go around.

Air China 777-300ER

Jet Airways 777-300ER

Etihad Airways A380-800

The Same Etihad Airways A380-800 A closer Shot.

Cathay Pacific 777-300ER From Hong Kong (Where I live)

Euro Wings A320-neo

Same Cathay Pacific Cargo from Hong kong.

Aer Lingus A320-200 Game Spirit Livery

Emirates A380-800 I think from Dubai, not too sure.

TAP A320-200

British Airways A320-neo. Ignore my car at the top.

About to touch down British Airways A320-neo

Thank You
Thank you for looking at my pictures, please comment any suggestions or any tips.
Thank you :)


Great shots for your first time!!!


Thank you! I am going again tomorrow hopefully getting some more shots

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Didn’t fully upload :)

Fantastic pics there! Love the AF A318


Yeah I waited a while for it to upload, I deleted the uploading thing but it was still there.
Thank you! I like that one too, it was a closer up shot.

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Great photos. Especially for a first time! Look forward to seeing more of yours in the future. Especially if you ever get to go to Hong Kong airport when your back home.

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Yup definitely! I will go to HKG to spot. Thank you for the feedback!

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Beautiful A380 shots. I bet the sound from those beasts were awesome.


Great pictures. Love the diversity of Airlines

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I was very surprised about this, the A380 made less noise than the 777s that passed over.


I tried to mix it up a little because BA seemed to pop up the most because EGLL is BA’s hub so I posted a mix of different airlines.

Some of these photos look pretty backlit. Try and avoid that. Also trying editing your photos with Lightroom or something. Otherwise, great variety of aircraft!

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Thank you for the feedback! I will edit my next spotting pics.

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Also if it’s your first time spotting, check out my spotting guide to get some really good tips.


Ok will do, thanks for the feedback!

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Nice, just a heads up, those a320’s you shot with the winglets, are not neo’s, just bog standard a320s. Cracking shots though well done.


Thank you! yeah sorry I could not identify those

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That’s alright, I’ve made that mistake loads of times, spotting at various airports.

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I keep that in mind when identifying aircrafts, thanks for the feedback!

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Also if any of you want to do some spotting at EGLL, you can choose from 2 spots depending on which runway is active.
The first place is Myrtle Avenue, there is a small green park there next to the airport.
You can also park in the Heathrow terminal 5 long term parking. The first 2 hours are free of charge.
This parking is right under one of the runways making it extremely convenient.

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