First time spotting at Frankfurt!


Today I gone to the airport of Frankfurt am main to do some spotting! Let’s view all photos I took today!

Gear: iPhone

Here we are at terminal 2, the most famous place known for spotting at Frankfurt. In front of us, there are some remote places for CRJ jets, and on the left there are some gates for bigger aircraft. One of these aircraft’s are currently taxiing to runway 07C.

It’s the Qatar airways 777-300!

Then we have the smaller CRJ-900 from Lufthansa city line taxiing to runway 25C.

Another CRJ! This time an CRJ-1000 from CityJet, about to fly to Copenhagen.

China southern 777F.

Air Dolomiti Embraer E190LR. We saw these a lot at terminal 2.

One Maglev ride later…

Here we are at terminal 1. This one is limited for spotting, but has alot of bigger planes. I was in a rush so I couldn’t catch all but I got this retro condor a320.

One of the best condor liveries ever.

Thanks for viewing my photos i got today. I am coming back to Frankfurt in a few weeks, crossing fingers for a 747.

Have a good day!


Great shots!!

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Thank you!

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That Lufthansa CRJ is not a -700, it’s a 900.
Same with the white one.

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Oh sorry, correcting now. Thanks for telling me

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What a shame, if you went a few hours earlier I could’ve waved at you from the ramp :D

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The white one is a CRJ-1000

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Nice shots! That Condor livery looks great. The Qatar shot is very nice too. Good job!

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I actually wanted to be there 2 hours earlier but because a truck had an accident on the A5 I was in a traffic jam

Thanks everyone for giving me 25 likes btw