First Time Spotting at DAL | 11/17/19


Hey, guys! I’m back with my shots from my first time spotting at Love Field (even though I live in Dallas).

The first four pictures were taken from the DAL C Garage, and the last 6 were taken from the private deck at WN Headquarters.

Camera Equipment

Canon Rebel XS
Tamron SP 70-300mm lens

1) N75ISW

A Southwest 737-700 getting serviced.

2) N280PU

A private Gulfstream G280 resting on the ramp.

3) N7869A

Another WN 737-700 taxiing out for departure.

4) N160QS

Someone’s Bombardier Global 6000, personally one of my favorite bizjets, departing off of 31R.

5) N7831B

Yet another Southwest 737-700 departing off of 31L for a non-scheduled flight.

6) N403RW

A private Embraer E135 pulling off of 31L.

7) N477WN

And another WN B737-700 departing 31L out to LaGuardia.

8) N275WN

A WN B737-700 pulling off 31L after arriving from San Antonio. My favorite part of this picture is that all three airlines serving Love Field are in this pic.

9) N150MB

Someone’s private Bombardier BD-100 taxiing out to 31L past the next picture, an Alaska E175, staring straight into your soul.

10) N173SY

An Alaska E175, featured in the last pic, departing off 31L heading to San Francisco. I didn’t do a full crop as I wanted to keep some of the scenery. Something interesting about this bird is that it hasn’t flown since November 22nd after landing in Nashville.

That’s all the pictures I’m allowed to post. Check out my JetPhotos and Instagram for more pics.


Nice shots!

High quality photo’s

You know…I look at these photos, I like them. I look at the camera that you use, I see the price, I go back to bed.

Great shots!

Those are really nice, great job!

@Joseph_Krol Thanks!

@LeonardIF18 Except #1, not sure why Discourse is messing with that

@CaptainBarney Lol. It’s only a 10 year old camera that I got for $90.

@Speedyyy Thanks!


Great Shots!

Tldr: Southwest

@Murphy Thanks!

@AndrewWu Lol basically


Nice shots man :))

Were there any flights heading to San Jose

Of course @BigBert10 asks

Great shots! Really nice for a first time!

@unicorn Thanks!

@BigBert10 No.

@Jrpilot5 Thank you! I have plenty experience but this was my first time going to DAL.


Nice shots @Altaria55 🥢🥢

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Thanks @den.aviation 🥢🥢

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