First time Pushing back an airplane

Hi IFC, Today I got the opportunity to finally pushback an airplane with my boss as my trainer. I got to push a Sun Country 737-800. I didn’t get any pictures pushing back but I did get pictures of our pushback. Ask me questions below!?


Was it fun?


Absolutely 100% fun!


was it hard?

@Infinite_Qantas Here to hijack the thread. Like most things repetition is key, took me about 10 pushes to get the hang of it. General rule is bigger the plane the easier it is.

Delta 757-200


That’s similar to backing up with a normal pickup truck and traller. My dad always tells me how much easier it was to back up our 24’ boat trailer (we don’t own it anymore) compared to our 15’ snowmobile trailer.

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100% That’s a great example


To me no. I have prior experience with GA but he made me turn it 90 degrees the nosewheel and it was interesting

Wow! You are so Lucky!

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Lucky, I wish I could do that

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As someone who pushes quite regularly, its can be difficult if you don’t have a lot of space and your wing walkers are doing a half way wing walking. One of the gates that I push from you have to push the plane out backwards and then flip it and if you don’t do it correctly, it can turn bad

Become a ramp agent and you can.

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I’m extremely blessed

Got to pushback one of our Allegiant planes for the first time! Credit goes to my girlfriend for the picture!


Is it fun to be a ramp agent?

It’s a whole lot of fun! It’s very ans I mean very hard work but it’s very rewarding.

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Did my first solo push today!! I have one more than I’m signed off on pushback

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What airport was this at?

My home airport of LIT

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And finally a picture!! Pushing back the A319