First time posting flight pics here KSAN - KLAX

This is my first time posting my flight pics on this! I know you cant see much in the dark sorry bout that…
This flight is from KSAN - KLAX
Aircraft: 737
Airline: United

Parked at gate + start up


Taxi to runway





Taxi to gate

Parked at gate


Cool photos! Did you start your engines before you pushed back?

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Bro that landing 💀 cool pics!


thanks, i started/ start my enigines during pushback

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thx:) in the night u can’t see it well but thx!

mu plane was not lined up with the runway

crosswind was pretty strong eh?

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yeah… it was kinda hard

You could’ve used ILS APPR if that runway had it….

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APPR isn’t that difficult, if you want I can explain it to you. The YT tutorial makes it seem very difficult.

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it didn’t have it…

ok ill ask u

Ksan and klax all have an ILS on every runway…

oh ok, at that time i did’t know about that thx for letting me know

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Yeah no problem, try watching some tutorials or reading articles about how to use APPR

ok ill do that

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Here is how you auto land. Click on the airport code:
In this situation, you would tap on KSFO.

Then, click on RWYS. You tap the runway you want, and select it for NAV1
Here is the important part, make sure you are bellow 200kts, and make sure you are facing the runway. Than, go to the NAV popup. There will be a button that says “Source GPS.” Change it to “Source NAV1” Once you do that, go to the Auto Pilot Popup. And click the APPR button. Then, wait for the Localizer, “LOC” to engage, and then wait for the Altitude to engage. Once the altitude engages, turn off the altitude that YOU SET. Then, sit back and watch the rough landing the autopilot will do. I’ll disengage the APPR right before touchdown, so I can butter the landing. A tip for smooth landings, use trim. Good luck.


It’s not that you have to be facing the runway, you should be on the localizer.

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Yes, but you have to be within 30 degrees of it, so basically, you have to face the runway’s general direction.

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thank u for teaching me that i apreciate it:)

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