First Time Plane Spotting

Today was my first time (officially) plane spotting. I went to KPDX (Portland International) on a wonderful day, barely any wind. I caught some pretty cool aircraft, including the 737 MAX and a 747 (which I don’t have pictures of, only a slightly out of focus video). Enjoy!

First up we have a Frontier Airlines Airbus A320 NEO in the “Joey the Opossum” livery. The engine whale sound sounded really cool on takeoff

Next up, an Alaska Airlines Skywest E175

A typical Delta Boeing 737-900

A United Boeing 737-900

My personal favorite, a Southwest Boeing 737 MAX 8. Like the A320 NEO, the engine whale sound sounded really cool, too.

And lastly, a Gulfstream G450 (really nice plane)

Thanks for taking the time to look at my photos! Let me know down below which one your favorite was, and whether or not you would like to see the Cathay 747. I don’t have much of a picture of it, but still. Thanks!

Which one was your favorite?

  • Frontier A320 NEO
  • Alaska E175
  • United 737-900
  • Delta 737-900
  • Southwest 737 MAX 8
  • Gulfstream G450

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Great pictures!

What camera do you use?


Great pics!

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@AviationFreak Thanks! I use a Sony RX-10. Great camera, highly recommended

@BlueThunder08 Thanks for the compliments!


I’d recommend doing some more cropping. Message me if you want me to crop them for you.

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Definitely not bad for a first time! I really like the diversity of traffic you managed to capture, which is always an additional benefit! Thanks for sharing!


Amazing shots for beginner spotter!

And congratulations on becoming a spotter!


@Brody_Swiatek I’ll definitely hit you up on some cropping. I may send you some different photos, though, as I think they are a bit better

@JulianB Thanks! I was pretty supervised with the diversity of it. PDX mostly just has 737s coming in, but I was pretty lucky to catch a Gulfstream and a 747


Thanks! I had way more fun than I expected I would

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Really nice shots ! 😍
Soutwest 737 Max 8 is my favorite !

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