First time plane spotting (with an actual camera)

Recently I received my new Nikon D3500 camera and headed to KDCA (Washington Reagan Nat’l) & KBWI (Baltimore-Washington) to plane spot.

Lucky for me at DCA runway 19 has been in use more than usual lately which makes for some fantastic shots

Also, lots of flights had to hold short for an usually long period of time, some of them upwards of 20 minutes (haven’t seen that since 2019)

Southwest 737-7BD lining up for a flight to Houston

Southwest’s Louisiana One Lining up for a flight to Chicago Midway

American Airlines Astrojet 737-823 blasting out of runway 1 for a flight to Chicago O’Hare

American 737-823 coming in hot for runway 19 after a short hop from NY’s JFK airport

American Eagle E175LR coming in from Columbus

JetBlue A320-232 spooling up for a flight down to Orlando (seems like JetBlue use to be a much more common sight at DCA than it is now)

Southwest 737-7H4 taxiing to runway 19 for a flight to Chicago Midway

United 737-824 lining up for a flight to San Francisco

American A319-112 landing runway 19 after a flight from NY Laguardia


Southwest Airlines Freedom One arriving at BWI after a flight from Orlando

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Which photo is your favorite??

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Nice pictures!

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DCA superiority gang wya 💪💪💪💪

Sweet shots man, I love the JB A320!

May I ask what lens you use?

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Oh look. DCA Photos! Nice shots by the way.

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Thank you,

I use Nikkor 70-300mm lens

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No way, I caught this same 737 in Vegas a couple months ago. I know because of the weird defects on the tail.

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