First time on the expert server

Hey everyone!

I finished my final flight yesterday to unlock the expert server and am planning to do my first expert server flight tonight. If anyone has any advice that could make my, others and the tax’s experience better. Let me know :)


Yes just follow real world procedures and respect other pilots. If flying with ATC then follow instructions and all will be well! :)


Make sure you follow speed requirements when taxiing and flying, keep an eye out for NOTAMs and follow ATC instructions. Have fun!

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And when approach lisent to the HDG,Alt,spd they give you

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If you’re looking for some tips to be a good pilot on expert server, this may be helpful:


Here’s another good thread if you plan on staying there.


Congrats 🎉 well to be professional don’t use Landing lights to taxi and also don’t turn on your strobes until u are cleared for takeoff. If your nervous don’t fly into a busy airport where theirs a lot of traffic. Last but not least follow all ATC instructions and you won’t be ghosted hope to see you in the sky’s


Let’s see…

Follow all instructions unless you physically cannot and will likely crash if you do.

Patience is a virtue. Don’t taxi around or through others. They’ll be cleared. I learnt that the hard way involving a report.

Double double check all commands you’ve been given. You might have mistaken it for something else. Also learnt that the hard way.

Pay attention to speed regardless of you being in IFATC presence. Going over 250IAS long enough below 10,000 feet will give you a system ghost including the reports adding up to no Expert Server for a week. Learnt that the hard way.

If you get reported, do NOT act like a 3 year old and complain unnecessarily over the forum. Just send a nice PM, be civilized and be on IFATC’s good side. If you don’t know who reported you, just ask on the forum. Every report is justified.

Listen to ATIS always when starting a flight or landing (If there is no approach). You will see what NOTAMs are in place and you are expected to follow them.

Look at TFRs which contain NOTAMs regardless of ATC presence. They do have ceilings so cruising over it is no big deal. If we look at KEGE, you can see only aircraft as large as 757s can land there.

Most importantly, just enjoy yourself!

I hope this helps alot.


Always follow the ATC, at all time even though it might not make sense at the time, they can see the bigger picture, other than that, dont speed or try to do tricks and you should do great!


Just finished my first flight on the expert server from Honolulu to Kona and had a blast, it appears to be a lot more enjoyable then the training server. Thanks for the advice everyone and see you around :)


Glad we can help. Hope to see you around in ES once my system ghost ends :P

And to round it off I just gained a trust level to member on the forum haha, now I can really participate in the community both in and out of the game :D

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Nice @Bas.T! You seem to be settling in very very well.

Tried my first approach towards an IFATC controlled field today which was a bit less succesful, while punching in the new headings and altitude uppon initial instruction I was warned to follow directions or I’d be ghosted rather quickly after their instruction(about 10 seconds or so). I left the flight as I didn’t want to be a nuissance but I’m still not quite sure on what went wrong. I send the controller a pm to ask what went wrong to improve.

A question to the rest, what advice can you give me in terms of approaching? My current knowledge:
-Contact approach aprox 50nm out below fl180 and follow all atc instructions.
-About 170 knots 10nm out
-About 160 knots till 5nm out

Just here to learn, might as well ask for some expert opinions :)

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When you receive that message, don’t leave. The controllers don’t think you are a nuisance. Always be confident when flying.

Good job PMing the controller, that is the right thing to do! The IFATC members’ inboxes are always open and willing to answer any questions, comments, or concerns that you may have.

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Speed is generally as your discretion, unless ATC tells you otherwise. Contacting is about right, anytime you’re under 18,000ft agl to the airport, and whenever you can really contact the approach frequency. Just make sure to keep your ears open for commands, and make sure you follow them correctly!

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Fair enough, I guess I’ll get right back on the horse and try another approach tomorrow. I guess the quickness of that warning just shook me up.

Well… some are, but often they’re soon removed from the equation. ;)

I’d like to add on to @Ecoops123’s point here. Speed is indeed at your discretion, but use common sense when setting a certain speed. If aircraft around you are flying at 200 GS and you’re at 280, something’s obviously wrong. Be aware of your surroundings, and we’ll be very grateful. Win-win!

See you soon on expert!


Respond to atc before making your altitude and speed and heading changes. I always reply and while the reply is playing I make my adjustments. Then atc gets off your back and will only advise you to follow instructions next time they come back around if you aren’t doing what they tell you. Pretty much it buys you time. Some atc are very slow themselves and in real world, atc gives multiple instructions if need be before throwing a fit. I’ve never had a problem but I can see how some have. It all depends on the controllers. Don’t get too nervous as it’s just a sim in the end…

Heck people start a flight, sleep 10 hours and come back the next day to land… not so simulating in that regards but it sure does boost their xp quickly. Lol

Enjoy is the key. It’s a good forum and You can use flightaware or places like that to pull flight plans, planes, altitude, speed etc and be very sim like.

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