First time on the A320NEO | US$1000 spent!

Hello IFC,

I recently flew with Air Asia’s A320NEO for our trip to Vietnam, Hanoi from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

It was a very hectic travel experience (as Dutch passport holders, we had to apply for an invitational visa and later after purchasing it some Vietnam Visa company got our passport number wrong).

We ended up spending 1 night in the airport and had to buy 3 more tickets as we were forced to cancel the flight due to the problems that the company had made - to make the company edit the passport number mistake, we had to pay an extra US$200.

Anyway, so we woke up at 3:00AM after spending a night at the airport and canceling the original scheduled flight. We then encountered the 2nd problem (the passport number was wrong). We had to cancel the second ticket we bought.

Finally, after contacting the company (the phone operator representing the company didn’t speak English and blocked our number), we somehow manged to edit the letter and to buy a third ticket and fly.

In total, we had spent US$1000 on this nightmare-experience.

After that, everything went smoothly and I finally enjoyed traveling again… I was also very happy that I got to fly the A320NEO!

Here’s the takeoff that I posted on my YouTube channel:


Wow. The good news is your not like other people (fights)

Haha, but it was very stressful!


Yes it gets stressful


very stressful!


But, we’re now in Vietnam, all safe and sound.

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