First time on expert

Nope, didn’t fight it. Decided it wasn’t worth it.

Not all is straightforward on expert. Today I was given clearance to land twice only to have aircraft on the runway waiting for clearence to take off. I called ‘go around’ both times as pic. Experienced controller, unusual events. It happens and it’s what I think can either be frustrating to some or fun for others. I like it.

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Unable works if they attempt vector into terrain.

Won’t happen often, just putting it out there.

No, just follow instructions.


Simply have fun buddy, its just time to be realistic. Go with the flow of the ATC, enjoy the professional airspace.

If you ever have an queries about commands or rules just PM a controller :) We are here to help.

I think there should be a message that’s less vague than “Please Follow Instructions” as some have it in their head that they will surely be swatted down like a fly just because it’s sent to them.

I tend to agree. (Nothing custom, but a preset sub menu. Check heading. Check speed. Check Runway. Etc. At least they’d know what to look for in the log.)


There’s about 1000 rules and odds are you’ll break a few and be ghosted. Statistics for you

As long as you follow instructions and use common sense you should never get ghosted.

Some tips for ground ops.

  1. Try and spawn at a gate that’s suitable the size of aircraft you have. Flight radar, and other apps are good for this.

  2. File a flight plan before pushback. Follow the white lines on the map to tack you close to your destination. See if there is any traffic there and what runways are being used to line up your final few lines ups. Use the airport as the final waypoint.

  3. If ground ATC request pushback. ALWAYS check behind before you do so you don’t push into anyone else.

  4. Follow the yellow taxi lines to the runway. Do not pass through anyone. 20-25kts GS is best for taxi. Below that too slow, higher too fast and may get a warning.

  5. Keep on ground ATC until your are first in line at the hold short line. Set your ALT height and flaps before requesting take-off.

  6. Don’t forget to put your strobes on when on the runway.

On your approach to your destinations aim for the following heights and speeds when the Dustance to Go ( DTG) is following: ( unless ATC instruct otherwise!)

42 nm DTG / FL120 / SP 260
24 nm DTG / 6000 / SP 240 -220
12 nm DTG / 3000 / SP 180 -170
10 nm ( ILS Capture ) 2500 / SP 150

Most importantly, enjoy! :-)


There is always a chance to deny an instruction I it is unsafe for your flight😉

Is that necessary? I change frequency to tower once I’ve reached any queue.

Yes me too. No one ever says anything to me. Maybe mark should made a video on when to switch to ground to tower

Yes it is… depending on airport layout sometimes we want to give instructions to the aircraft in queue that are only available at ground frequency - such as give way. So remain on ground frequency until you are 1st in line.

And remember… “contact tower when ready” - you are only authorized to contact tower when ready for take off.

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@codeman and @JRRaviation, yes the correct time to switch to Tower is when you are first in the que, not when you are 3 or 4 in the que. maynot be a reason for ghosting in itself but will tell IFATC that you are ins experienced with operating on the expert server.

There has been several videos made on this in the tutorial section, worth checking it out.

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Enjoy it, it’s a much more refined experience.

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