First time on expert

I am about to do my first flight on the expert server in the Amsterdam region. Hope everything goes ok. Any pointers as I make my way to Düsseldorf?


Follow EVERY ATC instruction - EVERY - also taxi and give way to aircraft on ground… and in the air. Make go-around if you have to. Trust me all of this and more is worth not being pushed back to TS1.


If you see the words ‘Please Follow Instructions’… END FLIGHT NOW!!!

Just kidding mate, Enjoy it, follow instructions and be professional. Treat every plane and thing as a solid object!


As the famous @Mark_Denton would say, don’t be a dumbass.

Anyways, follow all ATC instructions, and don’t try to cut in front of other aircraft. Happy flying!



Flying expert isn’t as big of a deal as some make it out to be.


Mate, don’t tag devs - Just remove the @ - Save yourself hassle :P


Absolutely (This is what I do)

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Mad Dog is a dev?

Totally wasn’t aware of this.

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Actually it sort of is - my first flight I got ghosted because I accidentally put one wheel on the grass while taxiing.

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Someone was being persnickety with you then. One wheel?

Seriously though. Just keep a cool head and don’t worry. Panic makes for stupid moves.


Yep, one wheel for about 10seconds accidentally.

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Most ATC aren’t as strict as people think (as long as you follow instructions). They just want to maintain a level of professionalism and keep everyone in line.
I’m actually leaving Dusseldorf bound for EHKD right now in my Cessna Citation. Have fun!


If ATC at an airport goes offline don’t think it is anything goes. Continue in as ATC had instructed you and also be courteous on the ground and aware of your surroundings. It’s easy to follow ATC instructions and do well on Expert. It is difficult to still act professionally without ATC there. I’ve found in over 225hours+ on Expert that Most people do well with ATC but do not know what the hell they are doing when there is no ATC present.


Hey guys, recording a timelapse WITH NAME TAGS! Airport EDDL rnwy 23L


It’s just the TS without idiots… Well not as many


If I may add to the obvious “follow ATC instructions”…

  • spacing: make sure you keep proper space between you and other aircraft AT ALL TIMES, especially on final.

  • file a flight plan before requesting taxi, nothing fancy needed, a direct line to your destination is sufient for atc purposes

  • following atc instructions means intructions override your flight plan - this is obvious when approach controller is giving you vectors - but when you are inbound and tower tells you are number 2 behind the traffic on right downwind - you follow that aircraft, not your flight plan - make sure to know who you are following!

  • approach airports at a realistic speed and altitude - which means when you are about 25nm away and ready to contact tower, you should be under 10,000ft, ideally more like 8,000-6,000 and at around 220kias. Slow down as you get closer to your destination so you enter the ILS/GPS cone at no more than 180kias

  • be patient and understand you are not alone in the region

  • if you are told to check help pages in the forum… pay attention to what you are doing and if you don’t know what you are doing wrong, take a screen print, ask people here in the forum, take a note of the controller name and reach out - find out what did you do wrong and fix it.

  • have fun

Those are my tips. If you have any questions let me know.


In addition to what they said above, have fun. It will take a small adjustment period to realize that the plane next to you is also following directions.


Just follow ATC and you’ll be just fine

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• Follow all atc instructions
• Enjoy

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I doubt that! Did you fight it?