First time on a Heavy. AmericanAirlines Flight 230

Trip Review!
Recently, my family went to Kona,Hawaii for spring break and flew on a 767-300 on the way back from Kona to Dallas. The flight was scheduled to leave at 5:50 and get in at 5:45 am the next day.
Departure we boarded flight AA230 30 minutes before for an on time departure. Both my brother and I sat at seats 31J/H. We pushed back from gate 2 for an on time departure. We taxied to RW. 35 for departure. After a heavy departure from RW.35 we climbed into the clouds.
Cruise Our altitude for the trip was FL.370 but do too turbulence over the water we stayed at FL.270 for a very smooth ride. After 3 hours of crusing at 270 we climbed to FL310 for the ride. There was bumps here and there but nothing to bad. After cruising there for a bit and over land we climbed to FL370.
**On Board Service ** The FA were great and welcoming. Within an hour of the flight I was getting hungry so I had my leftover lunch. At the same time, a FA was coming down the isle with a wraps. I decided to get the turkey wrap as a later snack. With my left over lunch, I got my favorite drink Dr.pepper. It was quite tasty.
**brother and I activity ** We listened to music with the Chanel’s they had and slept some and talked. After a while we decided to get up and go to the back and use the bathroom and stand around. *the seatbelt sign was off and was smooth as silk. We decided to talk to the FAs and listen to this Vietnam war vet tell stories. It was quit interesting.
Descent and Landing As we descent into Dallas we could see the city lights and prepare for landing. Seeing the city lights while descending is cool. People were starting to wake up and the FAs were going around collecting stuff from the passengers. After 6 hours 45 minutes, we landed 35C 40 minutes early and taxied to gate A22.


That alfredo looks really good! Glad you had fun!

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aye nice guess. It was really good actually.

Damn Dr Pepper is such a rare thing around here unless you buy it yourself. Restaurants and airlines don’t really stock it. And in Dubai they don’t even have it 😡


It might be because it’s disgusting. We have loads of it here.

So, 767? Getting on one in a little over a month. I’m not overly enthusiastic.


Yep 767-300. It was a great flight. I really enjoyed it since it was my first time on a heavy


Hey don’t say that! Yeah I agree it’s an acquired taste. Only place selling it apart from new agents and supermarkets is Burger King and Five Guys with their fancy Coke machines that let you have any drink.

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I see that the food looked appatizing.

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its a taste that you have too get used too. Its found a lot in the southern states in the US


The pasta was good, and the rest of it was fine nothing special

I have only been on an SAS A330 going to stockhollem Sweden, personally I perfir the 330, but you do get a different feeling on that vs the SWA 737-7 I was on last month… that is an amazing plane, frankly I credit that trip with getting me into aviation, also 3rd grade me kinda blew that plane out of proportion to his friends…

The feeling on the 767 is pretty dependent on the airline, the best part is walking past business class on your way back to Economy. lol (if that’s where your seated)

Well, have fun on your trip!

Lol this already happened!

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Kona is beautiful in Hawaii, I’ve flown from Honolulu to Kona on the 717. I love that picture of a tray table… Glad to hear your trip

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it is. first time there. been to maui and honolulu a few times

Love flying on the 757!
Flew a 200 from Seattle to Keflavik, then a 300 from Keflivak to London, on the way back I took a non winglet 757 200 from London to Keflivak

nice 757 is nice. flew that on the way there. this was a 767-300 on the way back

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