First time on a Boeing 787-10. What can I expect?

Good afternoon everyone. I have been given the amazing opportunity to fly United’s brand new 787-10 from Los Angeles to New York in the coming months.

Because of this, I was wondering what the 787-10 has to offer entertainment and feature-wise for a 6 hour flight. I mainly asking for people who’ve even been on the 787 since it’s such a new plane.

Anyways, let me know!

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Ive been not been on the -10 version but i have been on the -8 from EGCC to MKJS. Honestly the experiences are probably very similar.

The cabin is very spacious in a 3-3-3 condiguration. The sound is remotely quiet. Quiet enough for me anyway. U get a great view if youre behind the wing!

Ive never flew with United before so i dont know what your full experience will be. But id look forward to it! The -10 version isnt the most popular aircraft ever! Im going to fly on it in a year or so with Etihad!

Uniteds IFE is pretty good i hear so you should be pretty occupied!

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I’ve never been on a 787, and as for United I’ve only been on there 737s, A320s, and regional Jets, so I have no expertise here, but this should get the ball rolling…


A long flight. These planes are very durable and fuel efficient

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I’ve taken a 787-9 (not a -10). It’s pretty quiet and very spacious. The windows are also very cool (with the dimming and all).


I have flown on a 787-8 with American from Dallas to Chicago and it was amazing. The plane not the airline.

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I think I’ve heard that the IFE on these 78X’s are unavailable currently.

I have not flown on the Boeing 787-9 nor the 787-10 as you have had the chance to, very cool to hear about your experience and you are quite lucky too since I don’t have a easy time finding any airline flying the 78X near my country.

But as for the 787-8, which one version, a member of the 787-family that I have indeed flown 3 times on both medium hauls and long hauls.

I flew with Qatar Airways and all three flights were very smooth, very quiet and the fact that the 787 tilts at a ever-so-slightly higher pitch is actually if you look very very carefully visible, which is pretty cool since you can’t feel the pitch, but it really makes you feel like you are gliding though the sky as a plane does. I also got a bit lucky having almost half the plane for myself considering it was very empty on two occasions so I was just laying across all three economy seats which by the way was very soft and comfortable to sit on. Legroom, now on Qatar that is, is actually pretty good.

So all in all, only the plane itself is magnificent aircraft that gives you a comfortable flight to enjoy and too remember a life-time out. I would love to get the chance to fly on -9 and -10 in the future :)

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Check out the Points guy, he can help you! He has some great articles on the new 787. And If your lucky and your sitting in one of those Polaris seats he has a review for that too!

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I’ll do some more research into that. If that is the case I’ll have a backup plan.

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Yeah, I’m sitting near the front of the wing. Thanks for the feedback!

I’m in economy plus, so at least I get more legroom!

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The 787-10 is great if you get into United Polaris as I did. The Hard product(seat and amenities) is great and fantastic. The service is ok but on par with what people expect from United. It should be a great flight if your in buisiness. Or at least premium plus.

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I was looking into premium plus but settled with Economy Plus since there are three of us flying.

Have you ever tried business or premium plus. Do you fly much on United?

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Not very often. We mainly fly Alaska but since they got rid of the Virgin planes for this route, we decided to try United out.

Yes I will say as a 1k member they treat you well but I hear when you don’t have status it’s not that great. I spent 60k on Newark to Sfo and it was fantastic. If you ever get a chance try it out.


We used to fly Continental a lot on this route, so we have 100’s of thousands of miles. But since we don’t consistently fly United we lost our status.

It’ll be like flying on their 787-8, just longer


That’s what I assumed. I’ve never been on a dreamliner before.