First Time Night Spotting @KLAX

Hello everyone!

Last night for the first time, I tried night spotting. This spotting session was meant to be a more of a “trial and error” session to see how things would go at night. In my opinion, the shots turned out alright. I also soon realized that there is a lot more variety at LAX than I thought there would be.

Enjoy the photos!

Philippines 777-300ER from Manila

Delta 767-300 from New York

Starlux A359 from Taipei

Frontier A320 from Phoenix

China Southern 777-300ER from Guangzhou

China Airlines 777-300ER from Taipei

Eva Air 777-300ER also from Taipei

Thanks for viewing!


Personally I’m having an issue picking a favorite 😂😂
The low clouds add a cool affect




This is pretty dang good for a first time night spotting.


Great pics :)

My favourite is the Delta B763 cos it’s a B763

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Philipines 77W has some gooooood image quality

Thank you!

That’s good reasoning lol

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Love it! Is there a YT vid for this?

No YT spotting video, but you might see a short or two of some other aircraft that we’re not shown in this topic.

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I’m glad to see Frontier operating back out of LAX. It’s been a few years since they were. Great photos tho :)

Thanks! It is really nice to see Frontier back, now we just need avelo to start LAX service and we basically have all of the U.S carriers at LAX


Nice Pics !! And Frontier back ?? I don’t even know that 🥲

Thanks! I didn’t quite realize they relaunched operations until a few weeks ago

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Impressive for your first time. Nice job.

Thank you!

Didn’t get a chance to say this earlier but what were the settings? Perhaps I could offer some pointers.

Camera setting was on auto

Playing with fire

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How did you get that good of shots on auto?