First time landing at my new local airport | LOP - YIA QZ 650

Trip Report : Lombok to Yogyakarta AirAsia QZ650 Airbus 320

Hi community!
in the last few times my friend and I had a vacation to the island of Lombok, opposite the eastern island of Bali . We spent 6 days here. Luckily I have a brother here, so no need to rent a hotel room.

Our plan will be to go home by Ferry as it departed, but on Monday the ship was reportedly being repaired yesterday, So we went home with AirAsia.

Airline: Indonesia Airasia
Aircraft: A320-200
Registration: PK-AZA
Departure: WADL / LOP
Arrival: WAHI / YIA
Flight time: 60 / 90 minutes


No Jetway? No problem. I do a quick planespotting there
Why? Because my seat position was on 27C and then the officer ask me to enter via rear door. Sadly, Unluckily and unfortunately, i got no window seat. :(

Actually I can get window seat but Because there are other passengers who ask me to match the letters. Ok, this is my last pict before moved away from Windows :(

The atmosphere at that time … # Aisle seat

Luckily, the passenger next to me who sat on window seat was sleeping with his head bowed so I took time to take pictures at that time …

Not felt after I enjoyed this flight, the plane that I was riding will arrive at its destination …

Landed ! And here’s my first landing on my new local Airport…

So that’s my experience on my last board on airplane on WADL-WAHI routes. Although isn’t a holiday season, but i keep me and one of my best school mate can do another flight since my last flight on 2016 i think. I also would like to apologize if theres any i don’t like it. I taught if I could not got the window seat. Thanks for stopping by here. Comments and criticism are appreciated :)


I like how they’ve kept the aisle clean! I have been on some expensive airlines with really dirty aisles.


Awesome pictures and TR, Ouzi! Anyway, I suggest you to buy a BOB meal on AirAsia flights, they are very delicious and will add a slight joy to your flight’s experience 😉

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Thanks @George. Yeah i know theres many flaws on my flight this time, i fly alone with my one of my school mate. Also this flight 50% paid by me (Of course from my daily savings 😁). And the rest of my brothers that I visited. Will do some improvement on the next Flight!

@ADDY28 Yes, Although a low cost carrier they still kept the airplane clean. Besides the Ticket prices are quite affordable. why I choose AirAsia


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