First time landing at a class Bravo | KSLC

This morning my boss, and I set off to get a C-210 hangered at Salt Lake International. We started out meeting at the hanger at 0600 MDT. We load up the plane a PA32-300R N6851J. We departed St. George KSGU at 0630 MDT. Our route took us to EHK MLF DTA FFL then on to KSLC. Cruising altitude for the majority of the flight was 11,500. I choose this route due to the number of airports along the route Incase of an emergency arising over a direct route. Even though we are cruising at 11,500 our AGL at points is only 2,000 feet which doesn’t leave a lot of room for gliding.

The ride up was for the most part uneventful it was very smooth, and we had a good tailwind. We arrived at KSLC at 0820 MDT on runway 17. We taxied to the 210’s hanger, and began getting it ready to go. We where gasing it up by 0900 MDT ready to head back my boss in the 210, and me in the Lance. My boss taxied out prior to me, by the time he reached the runway the left brake had failed. We taxied back to the hanger, and assist the situation. We bled the brake, but to no avail a line had ruptured forcing us to ground the aircraft. We put it away, and finally departed at 1130 MDT. The ride home was also uneventful other then the turbulence that had been building from the days heat. We arrived back at KSGU at 1330 MDT a bit longer then the ride up, but I was also pulling it back due to turbulence. For the first time landing at a class Bravo though it was a blast. The controllers where all very accommodating, and helpful. This was my longest cross country to date with 4.5 hours more in the logbook.


Awesome Brandon! I’m glad to see that you are enjoying flying so much, I’m sure it makes all the hard work worth it in the end.



In your opinion, what is the biggest difference from landing at a class bravo compared to landing at a class charlie or delta airport? What suggestions or tips could you give to other GA pilots wanting to land at a class bravo airport?

My advice, treat it like a class C airport except busier. Question though Brandon do you have your IR?

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You know I don’t so why ask?

There really wasn’t any difference between landing at a Charlie or Delta. Just a larger airport, and more frequencies. Since tower, and ground have different frequencies depending on runway.

Nice SLC has a beautiful appr and scenery

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I thought you were working on it and maybe have gotten it, so hence why I asked

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Ah I got ya still working on it the A/P took my focus away from it for a while there.

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