First time in Kai Tak

This was a very interesting flight for me. It was my first ever attempt at the infamous Kai Tak approach. Even though it was a bit hectic with fog coming in I was still able to make a good landing. This flight was 6 hours and 42 mintues flight with the Airbus a340-600 Qatar Livery.

Departing at Hamad Intl OTHH, runway 16L.

Passing Mount Everest at 31000ft

Kai Tak Landing on runway 13.

Parked at Gate 06

Aircraft and Livery: Airbus A340 - 600/ Qatar Livery
Route: Hamad Intl OTHH - Kai Tak Intl VHHX
Flight time: 6 hours and 42 minutes.
Inital cruising altitude 31,000ft
Final cruising altitude 35,000ft
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Looks like a very nice flight

It was the first time I have ever tried it.

Great pics, I think I was ATC? Well done landing the A346 there, it’s hard to get down smoothly at a normal airport. Someone who tried it a bit later ended up swimming with the fishies at the end of the runway…

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Great pictures, think ill have a fly of Kai Tak

Yeah did you see the Northwest 747 that overran

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I was wondering If Kai tak existed, I hope the 747sp exists, if so that’s sold pro for me and I’ll get it asap

No SP but we have the 200 400 8 SCA and Sofia and Air Force 1

Oo still selling it for me, hope they add the sp sometime, not exactly soon just sometime I was aware of the 400 since that’s free but the 200 is one of my fav 74s