First time in Kai Tak

After like many months of flying as in to grade 5 I decided to try out the closed Kai Tak which I used a retired aircraft from Manila the approach was kinda hard but I made it with cool shots Along the landing
Flight Time:1:44
Aircraft: Boeing 747-400 (Philippine Airlines)

Turning over

A 747 coming in hot

Runway 13 On site

This is where I started to get crosswinds

100, 50 , 40…

Nailed it!

What was your approach to Kai Tak was like?


DC-10 version:

I also recently landed at that airport and I must mention that although it is not easy to land, with enough experience later it will be easy

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I have never landed there, looks like you had a pretty nice landing though!

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I did it with approach and almost was run into a mountain in a 777F. THEN I was on Unicom a few seconds later and almost got run over. Fun times

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yep anyway nice photos anyway almost went to a mountain aswell with the DC10F i was using yesterday

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Nice. I actually went around on the first attempt because I turned to soon but on the second decided to just get out of the skys

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yep and with the checkerboard could be easier

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Very nice photos!

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the landing was pretty goof i did but not impressive since i had to take one those pesky crosswinds

Thanks! had some fun doing this

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I landed a A380 there let’s just say, It was never ment to be there.

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Well I think a big plane can land there I feel like modern airliners doesn’t like deserve in Kai Tak unless it’s in a flight simulator

I would do anything to see a AN225 at Ki Tak

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Nice pics!

What’s the airport code for Kai Tak?


VHHX I believe.

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correct! even though its been quoted