First time in First

Hello IFC. Recently I decided to go on a little non rev adventure. The original plan was to go to Dallas but since all the flights were full both ways, I decided to go to Chicago. Both flight were super empty and nothing happened on the way to Chicgao as I sent in the back. But, on the way back, I got to sit in First Class which was a nice treat especially since it was my first time after nearly twenty years of flying. Unfortunately the flight back to Little Rock wa delayed an hour due to the incoming flight crews immigrations mistakes (Canadian immigrations made a mistake which prohibited the captain and the two FAs from coming straight to the plane, the FO that was flying us was already on board as well as what I believe was two reserve FAs so we could board). I didn’t mind the delay as I had a pre departure drink and enjoyed my first class seat. After that short delay, we taxied to 10L and took off. The flight was nice and smooth and landed back in Little Rock at midnight. Down below are some pictures of the flight.

Other pictures can be found in my Instagram story at nonrev_ryaan.


Awesome! Glad you enjoyed your trip, i’ve been really lucky to get first class a lot when non revving!

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Nice that u got FC! I remember when I was In F for the first time with a free upgrade on the 752. Unfortunately it was only 30min from CLT to ATL. Been able to ride F quite a bit since then through nonrevs or miles. Just haven’t non reved business yet

Freakin’ jealous.

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I’m going to guess that oh either work for the airlines or you use a D3 buddy pass

“That’s a First
“There’s a first time for everything”


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