First time I see a smooth Ryanair landing

well… that is impossible great landing, wondering if the pilot got much more money…
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He probably got fired due to breaking Ryanair protocol.


Why do people hate on Ryanair so much, 99.9% of the landings I see are smooth as mustard. Even in difficult conditions. In an aircraft that is renowned for being slightly hard on touchdown.

Here’s a tip, before you criticise, give it a try. :)


It’s a stereotype now a bit like how BMW drivers supposedly don’t use their indicators


just because someone flys for a ‘LoCo’ it does not mean that they are any less of a pilot than someone who flys for one of the majors!


I gave them a try, I had to visit the hospital but I tried them…

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Beginners luck

all these people who are criticising a PROFFESIONAL TRAINED Pilot I hope them selves are also trained professional TRI or TRE on the B737 otherwise would suggest that as not qualified to comment.


People forget how much training ALL pilots have to go through. Just because they are flying for a low cost company doesn’t mean they are any less skilled.


What @David_Lockwood means is, if you don’t have an official pilot license then
#Your Argument Is Invalid


Everyone just looks for some way to criticise Ryanair and other low cost carriers, just because they don’t offer free steak, reclining seats or a TV as they can’t complain about these things because of the extremely low price they instead make up stuff like “the landings are awful” or as a certain IF forum member said “the planes crash all the time and the pilots are forced not to say anything” (PM me if you want to know about that :) ) and subsequently the rumours grow and grow until it becomes synonymous with the airline. As a man who flies usually once a month half of the time with Ryanair half with other airlines I can say their landings are no different to any other. As I’ve said before don’t judge an airline if you’ve never even flown on it.


Which for the record, is true, as I am one of them.

I think some of you Ryanair enthusiast need to calm down a little. It’s just a joke!

No it’s not 🙄, my mother uses them and I see other that do aswell you are the reason for the bad name. Please seellllll your car and get another brand! OR Else 😂


Off topic much

I prefer RA over Frontier anyday

Im joking, I am a responsible driver. I report the people who don’t use their signals.

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Exactly! Can you get a £10 flight with British Airways or Delta? I don’t think so!!

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I love how people get so butthurt over a funny stereotype thats been around for ever…

Cough cough £7 cough cough :)

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