First Time For Everything

Hello everyone!

Today I wanted to try something I’ve never done, a domestic Russian flight with Aeroflot. I used FlightRadar24 to find the flight info, and I even used the realistic callsign!

Callsign - Aeroflot 22
Time (Gate to Gate) - 1:14
Server - Expert
Route - SVO-LED

FR24 Info

Parked at the gate in Moscow:

Rotate out of Russia’s capital:

Climbing out of the airspace:

Up to FL290:

Here we are at cruising altitude:

Descending to meet the ILS:

Final for runway 10L at St. Petersburg!


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Thanks for looking!!!


These are some great shots of the Russian LAX-SFO lol. You definitely need to try routes to Siberia and the far East. Would definitely recommend!

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Oh that looks really great, even this one.

Love the wide pictures!


Thanks for the kind words @Zach_inkling and @Lucas_Piedra!


Wow, those are some AMAZING shots. For pic no. 6, next time try to get that winglet fully in view, just for my OCD:)

Awesome shots once again!

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One more thing:

What route should I do tonight?

  • NZAA-KLAX (Air New Zealand 77W)
  • KLAX-WSSS (Singapore A359)
  • EGLL-KSFO (British 789)
  • KSFO-PGUM (United 77W)

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FlightRadar24 Info

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Thanks @Rian16!

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Really cool pictures. Never knew they use the A360 on such a rather short route. Thanks for sharing!

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Any time @JulianB! I working on doing some more screenshot topics, so stay tuned.

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Wilco ;) Thanks!

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