First time for everything

Sincere apologies to those at LFPG this evening as my horrendous ATC skill were right up on the table. It was an awesome experience tho. Ive never been able to fully control ATC because my old phone just was not up to the job. But now since i actually have a decent phone ive been able to do much more. Dont have much experience tho thats the problem, but i still know half of what to do.

I was tower at first but since there wasnt many people i decided to go both tower and ground. Little did i know there was going to be a huge surge or pilots spawning and landing at LFPG XD. I tried my best to handle it all and in the end it was a successfull shift. Thanks for the great experience everyone that was there haha. Happy flying :)


We forgive you! It takes a real man to apologise.


This is so true, well done for apologising


We all start somewhere!

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yeah haha, i think i did well actually, not being cocky, but in excess of 10 aircraft or so to manage, for me anyway, is a lot and making sure that only a minute delay maximum was pretty noice XD

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