First time flying the 747

Flying the queen across the pond for the first time this evening. Any tips?

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What a helpful comment 🙄

@LordZakCreaser this is an older thread, but it may well be of use to you.

Couple of tips, if you are heavily loaded, don’t climb straight up to your maximum altitude. Step climb or you may find yourself too high and heavy to maintain a safe speed.
The 747 cockpit is high off the ground, that can take some adjustments if flying from cockpit view (I mean, who doesn’t?)

Otherwise just make sure you prep fuel and your FPL, the 747 is quite a nice Aircraft to fly if you treat her with respect 😜


Adding on to the reply up top,

Ahh the beautiful 747, here are a few more tips! 1. Never fly as fast as it can go, in IF the fastest it can go is around 0.90 do not do that, go around 0.85, 2. Do not do a full load on fuel, go to fuel planer to get the fuel you need, and 3. HAVE FUN

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