First time flying into Honolulu Airport

Hello. Just departed Pago Pago to Honolulu on my world tour. Callsign: TOUR2020 on the expert server. This is my first time flying into Honolulu. Is there anything I need to know before I begin my approach?

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Make sure to announce everything on Unicom.

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No, nothing really special about that airport, very easy approach, long runways, moderate temperatures, light winds.

It really depends on the runways in use. Most commonly the arriving runway at Honolulu is runway 8L, because it it long, free of terrain obstructions, has an ILS, and has a pretty approach.

The next runway they will use occasionally when wind isn’t favoring 8L is runway 4R. It isn’t as long, has mostly an ocean approach, but still has an ILS.

The other runway they will use when wind isn’t permitting either of those two runways is runway 26L. This approach is definitely not ideal. Because of the mountains the pilots can’t make a standard straight in approach, they have to make a much more tricky approach, flying right past the city of Honolulu. Waikiki, and diamond head. It’s tricky for the pilots, but it definitely has good views. Check the winds to see which runway is being favored.

Here is the link to those approaches

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