First time flying Hawaiian!

I heard a lot good about Hawaiian !! Hope you also had same experience :)

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I did! Apart from the food it was a great flight!

I also flew from honolulu to phoenix, but it was on its older brother, the 767.


I flew on their neo last year and I absolutely hated it. The seats were so small, had a poor excuse for a seat cushion, the LED lighting was way too much on the eyes, this constant need to make the entire interior white is an eyesore, the lavatories are way too small. Etc.

Their 767’s were far better. Leg room was good, seats were thick and comfortable even in coach, bathrooms could actually accommodate someone who isn’t 1 pound overweight. The isles were wide and you didn’t bump people’s elbows every 3 seats. Etc.

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That’s interesting because I sat in the extra comfort and I had plenty of space, and I’m 6’5

I also enjoy the luxury of a 2-3-2 seat arrangement.

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Only on the outside…

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I would die if I sat in the middle row, I’ve only flow non window once, PKOA-KPHX, I had an isle seat and it was the worst😫

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