First time flying BA’s flagship route!

This was my first successful long haul (ish) flight without the app crashing, and since the 777 was added. also my first time flying the flagship JFK-LHR route on infinite flight, helped by the recently added SID/STAR/ oceanic tracks!

Flight details: BA114, an evening departure for an 8am arrival into LHR. Operated by the 777-200ER in 6.1 hours on the expert server.

Photo #1: sunset departure from JFK

Photo #2: it quickly got dark, next photo is approximately 1 hour from arrival, abeam the Scilly isles! Just off the tip of Land’s end, Cornwall.

Photo #3: views of Southampton from the last row of the 777.

Photo #4: the famous bank approach over central London infinite flight style, past the eye, Westminster and all that jazz, as the virtual population is starting to cram into the Tube during rush hour.

Photo #5: runway vacated, closely followed by Captain-Fin (BAVA315) inbound from India! This is the best thing about IF, having just arrived from JFK at the same time as them from Bengaluru. if anybody knows their username and could tag them that would be cool:)

And the final few, some artsy fartsy 777 shots:)


Lovely! I tried this and I had to land at an AF base because my iPad was on 3% battery 😂


Haha, I just leave my ipad on low brightness and connected to my charger, crossing my fingers it doesn’t get so hot it sets on fire 😬 😂

Super pretty photos!

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I learnt that. Then I did a short hop to heathrow and my app crashed on the ground. Still got the XP

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Yes thankfully it manages to save the logged time. However I have several hundred thousand xp so it doesn’t really matter for me

Beautiful photos

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