First time flying an airplane!

image image image image Hi Community!
I want to tell you a story…
The first time piloting! I flew a PA23 at LIRU. It was really cool. After playing for years in Flight Sims it was great to hold a real yoke in my hand. Sadly my uncle could not fly with me because he has to move on a wheelchair. This was very sad, because my uncle payed a lot for let me fly. But also if there was this sad moment the flight was still great!
If you have any questions, under you can find a very useful comment section ;-).
I hope you all have a great day/night


I’d wish to pilot a plane myself. I hope you have gained a great experience yourself! I have filed with a pilot on a Cessna twice before, and helped out on the maintenance area.

Also, your uncle is such a legend. 😎

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Thanks! My uncle was a pilot, he flew for the Italian Air Force after WWII. Because they didn’t know if the WWIII could arrive, so they were getting prepared.

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That’s so cool! Have you got any pictures from the flight you just had today?

I didn’t have the flight today, but i have pictures

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Congrats. I bet your uncle is proud with most likely no more money…rip wallet

Now we have pictures

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Sounds like your uncle is an awesome guy. Spending his money only to help you, and he doesn’t get anything out of it. Someday when he sees you fly the biggest airliners in the world or the fastest jets for the airline/Air Force of your dreams it will all pay off for him. I think we all wish we had family like that. Be thankful you do…


He still has money don’t worry ;-)


Thank you!


Your Welcome!

Hope you had fun too. Sounds like your really motivated too, so I think we all can’t wait to see those dreams come to fruition, especially since I think many of us have similar dreams…

Especially at the looks of it your about my age I’d say. I would love to do this but I have made the choice to use my money on a rotorcraft license and trainning for helicopters.

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Equally valid! The world needs both. Best of luck to you as well!


Now i am looking for someone that rents a C208. The wheelchair would fit in there


I think We should create a topic: people who flew a plane in real life


Actually that’s not a half bad idea.

Congratulations! Also, I feel sorry for your uncle that he couldn’t experience the flight :( He seems like a really good man. Hopefully your passion for aviation keeps growing :)

Awesome!! I take flight lessons too, it’s an amazing experience!

I hope you had lots of fun! I too have flown an airplane not just one but two a Cessna 172 and a Piper Cub

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