First Time Flyer Onboard Spirit Airlines Review

Do you fly United often?

I do usually whenever I am able to.

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Think about extra fuel consumption - if they can safely fly through it without having to go around it, they will because it saves fuel. Simple.

I rated them that way for more Inflight Service as oppose to the turbulence. I just mentioned that because it truly was awful.
We took off and about ten minutes in the aircraft was pitching right and left and three times in a row we suddenly dropped from the sky a few feet before regaining altitude and dropping again. My heart and stomach were in my brain by the time the turbulence dropped.

I seriously don’t know how either. I only flew them because Spirit was $40 cheaper and I needed a dirt cheap price to get to LA for my first flight on a 777.

Haha I’m glad. You can see another review I’ll be doing on a United B777


Oh yes!!! Can’t wait! Very lucky! :)

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so i cant wait…
Are you on the B772 or B77W ?
Make sure to take pics in the cockpit if you can please!

I already got off the aircraft. This was this past Saturday, sorry and I couldn’t even if I had known you’d wanted it. I asked to go in and they said no lol.

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