First Time Flyer Onboard Spirit Airlines Review

This is the story of a little yellow bird in a big wide blue sky and they ain’t got nothing on Frontier, it’s Spirit Airlines… I’m blue da ba dee da ba dy a da ba dee da ba dy da ba dee da ba dy.

Welcome to my latest trip report aboard Spirit Airlines. I hope you enjoy all these references you’ll be seeing :D enjoy the show!

[6:24 AM]

Boarding began ontime out of Gate C48. As of October, 2017, Spirit Airlines moved concourses from A to C.
They board by zones like they do on Frontier Airlines. So we boarded and as I walked onboard the aircraft, I was met by…glares? I kid you not, the FA standing in front of the cockpit glared at me. It may have been something to do with my Frontier Airlines shirt I was wearing.
I know a lot of people will accuse me of writing this so far bad review out of bias…but I’m writing this with a fresh slate, as a new customer onboard Spirit.

My aircraft is an Airbus A320-214 (N466NK) which turned out to be one of the newest aircraft Spirit has. The interior ws admittedly clean and smelled nice. The air conditioning was cool and the windows were clean. I have nothing to complain about the aircraft itself.

I chose not to purchase a seat (so I effectively paid the cheapest fare even on Spirit) and was given the seat 28F. It was only three rows from the back, which was nice because the lavatory was nearby and I was one of the first people “served” by the Inflight cart.

[7:45 AM]

Let’s talk to you about the Inflight Service…wait there’s Inflight Service? Lol sorry it’s a little joke in my family. But Spirit Airlines charges for every single thing, including water. The only things you can get for free are a cup of ice and a cup of hot water. So I asked for a cup of ice and just poured some of the older stale water from my water bottle into it. It wasn’t half bad.

[8:28 AM]
We landed in LAX ten minutes early.

Throughout the flight, the FAs were cold at best. I can certainly say that Spirit needs to work on its customer service. They lack what Frontier improved on.

LAX’s Terminal 5 is not the best location for spotting, as a heads up to everyone.

Rating on My Flight:

  1. Inflight Service: 2/5
  2. Customer Service/Friendliness: 2.5/5
  3. Flight: 4/5 We had some horrible turbulence but the flight itself was not bad.
  4. Food/beverages: the ice tasted like ice 5/5 they got something right!

Thanks for reading my review of Spirit Airlines. I know I seem judgmental but that’s because I am very disappointed in them. I had worries going in but I had slim hopes Spirit wouldn’t be so similar to Frontier that I wouldn’t know the difference. Trust me…you will see how different they truly are when you’ve flown both.


How were the narrow seats? Was it obviously smaller than other airlines you have flown with before?

I am five feet and five inches tall…I was cramped in these Spirit seats lol. And yes they were narrow. They weren’t terrible but comapred to my United Airlines flight later that day…let’s just say I had a sore back and my legs felt cramped.


If it was cramped for a 5’5" then my 6’6" dad would get squashed. Literally.

I’ve always heard about Spirit not being a good airline. I’ve never flown LLC. Thanks for your review, helps me think about Avoiding Spirit more, as they don’t have the Spirit to provide good customer service or food options.

I guess I should leave now, my pun was horrible…


Um…yeah lol it just might

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number 1: Hope you enjoyed your trip.
2: why didn’t anyone tag me?
3: those FA uniforms look better than frontier you have to admit.
4: How were the flight attendants?
5: I choose spirit over frontier and there is only a small difference between frontier and spirit, and i have flown both.

Thank you for choosing Spirit although it doesn’t sound like you will be flying with them again any time soon.

@ORDspotter, there is your answer to FAs.

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Maybe it’s the specific flights but I have found major differences between the two carrier. I’m not here to start a war between our respective LCCs so my apologies. And I may fly the magazine purely for Trip Report video sake. But if I have a choice over them or Frontier or even another airline that hav a cheap price…I’ll always chose Spirit last. That’s my very own preference and does not have to be anyone else’s. :D

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Such a breakthrough in the industry


Wow. And I thought Frontier wasn’t that good! Those tray tables look smaller than Frontier’s, and charging for a cup of water is plain stupid. Those FA’s seem very cold.

Lol it wasn’t great. Frontier, even though they are similar, are still better.

I know man. And the fact that the cup of ice tasted like a cup of ice was incredible.


How was the landing?

Why rate anything? You purchased a flight. You arrived at your destination! 10/10!

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The only reason I have used them is for emergencies and the last time I flew with Spirit was last year to attend an unexpected funeral.

Honestly I don’t know how some people can fly with these guys on a daily basis especially on there long haul routes with this type of service.

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I rate this review 4/5! Excellent review! LOVE your trip reports! :)

The airline can’t change the weather so I’m not entirely sure why you factor this into a review of the airline itsself.

They can change the route and go at a higher altitude or different direction if turbulence is bad at the altitude and route they are traveling

I mainly fly with Spirit Airlines due to their low costs and the fact that I possess a lot of mileage points but, I will not hesitate to say that there are definitely better and or more comfortable airlines out there to choose from instead.

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