First time expert server player

Hello! I just graduated to grade 3 and will start flyin* on expert server soon! Can someone please advise me EVERYTHING i need to know. I really don’t wanna get violations lol. Thanks!


Follow every ATC instructions

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Alright first off,
read the user guide on what to do/what not to do
Next, listen to ATIS(if there is ATIS) because it tells you all you need to know+landing/departing runways
Finally, no messing around especially if ATC is online

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I also recommend listening and watching for the first 10 minutes or so (if it’s busy) so you can see what others are saying.


welcome! As an IFATC specialist, I advise you to read user guide from home screen specially β€œhow to communicate with ATC” part because in this server you must follow ATC instruction to avoid violation and probably go back to training server!

maybe fly between 2 airports that are close by, then you can see what others say in landing and takeoff while you fly. and if ATC tells you to do something then do it

That’s good but don’t fly from Heathrow to Gatwick or JFK to Newark, it kills all the realism

Landing only says " inbound "

Learn basic pattern work on yt or web than u know where β€œtower” says left/right leg mr. Trump(??)

And yeah, really check atis cause on some cases, there might say gate hold, so you could wait a while before requesting pushback so the controllers messages don’t get overloaded.

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Follow ATC instructions. Basically what they say always follow.

Understand what base and downwind is

Yes but I was thinking EGLL TO EHAM

𝑷𝒍𝒆𝒂𝒔𝒆 π‘ͺπ’‰π’†π’„π’Œ 𝑻𝒉𝒆 π‘Όπ’”π’†π’“π’ˆπ’–π’Šπ’…π’† π‘­π’“π’π’Ž π‘―π’π’Žπ’†π’”π’„π’“π’†π’†π’ 𝑻𝒐 𝒉𝒆𝒍𝒑 π‘Όπ’”π’Šπ’π’ˆ 𝑨𝑻π‘ͺ π‘°π’π’”π’“π’–π’„π’•π’Šπ’π’π’”


Most important things are…

  1. As others have said, follow ATC instructions, even if they sound weird, just do it, unless it would be physically impossible (e.g. descending into a mountain).
  2. Know the traffic pattern. Knowing terms like base, downwind, final, etc, will be really helpful.
  3. Read the user guide. It should tell you everything you need to know.
  4. Start off at smaller, less busy (but still controlled) airports. Here, controllers will be able to more easily cater for you without getting irritated by small mistakes as they’ll be less busy and have more time to help.
  5. If your work load suddenly gets very high (say you’re trying to switch runways, listen and respond to ATC, get vectored, etc), remember to prioritise. For example, don’t mess around trying to do small things like the landing lights and seat belt sign.
    5.5. That being said, always fly the plane! Don’t let ATC distract you from recovering from a stall or something.
  6. . Remember that you will make mistakes, but so do the rest of us. You won’t instantly get reported for a small misunderstood instruction, and just do your best.


IFATC Officer here: my advice would be to check out this section of the manual and just get an idea on what to do:

If by any chance you make a mistake on the server the controller who is active might say β€œCheck User Guide for help using ATC instructions”, if you get this don’t panic. It just means that you have made a mistake and you could message your controller via DM here and ask them what went wrong or check the User Guide to find out. Don’t worry we all make mistakes here πŸ˜‰

Now, violations. Violations will always be a last resort and never something we do straight away (unless someone decides to taxi through a departure line…. Yes it has happened) in most cases you won’t get a violation if you make a mistake, here’s an overview of the violations that you can get and what they mean so you know how to avoid them:

Sometimes you can get a violation for no reason and with that in mind we have the appeals team: they handle any Level 2 and 3 violations that shouldn’t have been given and if it seems wrong, they can reverse the violation (you must contact them only if the violation was given within 7 days). You can contact the appeals team by messaging them here, @ appeals.

If you any questions or concerns feel free to message me. I’m more than happy to help πŸ™‚


before taking off or spawning, please brief yourself with every information about the airport you sre departing from and arriving to. use real life procedures, follow atc instructions when atc is present, and please don’t take off on the wrong side of the runway. always take off where the wind is against.

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