First time at Paro

Well today seeing that Paro was being controlled. I hopped in A320 and decided to land there for the first time. Sorry if it was the wrong livery. Well 1 go around and a -442 vs on landing isn’t too bad for the first time right? 👀🥲

A320 Indigo
Flight time: around 1:40mins
Expert server

Thank you to @MJP_27 for the controlling and prayers on landing


Awesome photos, glad you enjoyed by ATC at Paro!


It’s definitely at the top of my list of favorite airports to approach. Nice 📸 shots!


Thank you for your service

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Thank you. Word of advice be fully configured before turning base and you’ll have to dive for a bit to be low enough and then have flight spoilers to slow down.

I just do the @AdamCallow and open the barn doors!


Nice shots

thank you a lot

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well that works too

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If I may ask, what is that? 😂


Still can’t properly fly that approach…

Awesome photos though! I especially like that third one 😍

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for sure, I was sweating the whole time cause mountains were too close to my plane

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Why is there a B757 there??

Awesome photos, each time I land at Paro, I end on the final approach speed of 120, even before I start my final descent approach. I have discovered that when I begin the final descent speed at 120, the speed slowly goes up and i right at my target goal speed for 500 feett final.

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I tried this on stream but Omlet can’t handle it but it did once ago Nice Pics though

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i dont know about the B752 but it has superb performance. i’ll remember about the speed next time i go there

What runway did you land?

trust me about the speed it works! The first time I landed at Paro at laned with 180 kts and I was barely able to stop!

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Nice shots!

Out of question, what were your first thoughts upon approaching into Paro? So you’ve never attempted to land at Paro before? What was your Infinite Flight experience of it?

I landed today in Paro after a flight from Kathmandu, was a little off centerline but other than it was a smooth considering the conditions 🛬

First time I was introduced to Paro was during this event! I can’t say my landing was smooth but I made it down lol

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I absolutely hated this airport because of its approach! My first time was terrible because of the mountains and that bank angle turn to turn on final and landing for your runway. I had to go around multiple times and it really was frustrating. At the end I realized that this was my first time so don’t get mad at yourself. Practice makes Progression and I really don’t think I’ll be going here ever again without a tips or Guidance video into this airport 😂


Landed on Runway 15