First time airport editing

Hey guys I have vacantion so I am trying to do Some airport editing it is my first time so I yet don’t really how how it al work.

I had a question about this image

how do I connect these lines?

tips are much appreciated

and further tips are much app


Patrick is a pro at this :) @Patrick_U

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on WED, check that you have Snap to Vertices checked in the box :)

Sorry what do you mean ?

I am pretty new to this so I don’t know.

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you should see this in the top left, make sure it has a check (like mine)




select the vertex tool, it should appear then :)

Now it works thank you so much.

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What program is that?

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Hi @Wolff_Stolk, please send an email to to join our slack :)

This airport is already being done by nick. So, in other words, the airport done by you will never be approved.

Check Issue here -

The line attribute in your picture is wrong, you really need to join our slack.


thank you I will send a mail

Why didn’t you do this earlier?

The website clearly reads that one should send an email. Stuff like these are really a trouble to us, people need to read thoroughly before they act…

I don’t know i just started so I wil pick another airport no problem.

He what is the slack name ? I can’t find anything with

The program is WED and WEDbing Alex.

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You have to send an email to that address requesting that you be added to the slack group. :)


Thanks bro

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