First Thoughts on Infinite Flight

Hello IF Community! This is my first topic so if any mods find any duplicates, you may close this. Anyways this here is for all you users to comment on how you reacted when you first got Infinite Flight. I knew when I got it, I immediately figured that it was gonna be a pain for me to get used to this. You can’t state you’re feelings towards it and how you reacted to certain elements, such as aircraft or graphics. It’s really up to you.

Happy and Safe Landings!
~Lucas Piedra


When I first got live, I was probably considered a troll lmao. About a year ago when I got the game, I didn’t know anything about the speed limits and so I was all over the place. I thought the graphics were amazing as the closest thing I ever played to this game at the time was “Airplane!”. Once you really get to learn about aircraft physics, you will love this game even more!


When I first got IF I thought of it as just a game. I would troll people all the time. I would land at 200+ knots, start my descent 30 miles from the airport and nose dive for landing. I thought the graphics were the best. That all lasted a few months then the 250 knot speed limit was introduced and I had to behave. I racked up 2 violations that day. From then on I researched how to properly takeoff, ascend, descend and land and tried to recreate it on IF. Then global came out and it was no longer just a game or even a simulator to me but an experience. IF is an experience like no other I have seen on a mobile device. I like the physics the most and the fact I can flare. The fact I can plan out my flight to the exact detail is also a huge plus and so is going on the app Windy or the Windy website and mapping out the winds for the flight. Then there is LiveFlight where I can track mine and others flight.


I thought I was the only one that played that lol, good times haha


Let’s be honest, everyone played like that back in their early days😂


My first thought was that I didn’t like the idea of listening to a washing machine whenever I wanted to fly, so I put the app away for a year or so. When I came back, the 777 update had just been release, and I have been drawn ever since.


I mainly got the game because of the variety of the airplanes and the PIA Livery on the 777-200LR
I tried all sort of simulators but this turned out to be the best, I first bought live for 1 month and I loved it then I bought Live+ and started playing multiplayer
Still waiting for the PIA A320 and 777-200ER and 777-300ER

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I used to play this game where you flew this F-18 through either the desert, which looked identical to the grand canyon, or something else, I think it was like islands or something. The physics weren’t terrible and neither were the graphics, however it got boring when the F-18 was the only plane offered in the game.

So a few months have passed and I am getting quite desperate for a new sim. Christmas has just passed and I had received some Itunes cards. Bingo! Now I could get this interesting-looking game called “Infinite Flight”. So, $4.99 has now escaped the boundaries of my Itunes card, and I am now playing a simulator that has an “infinite amount” of stuff to offer. I can’t remember exactly when I got it, I think it was late 2015 or early 2016. Anyways, I love this new sim and I have no idea how to fly the planes!

Hmm…it is now February 2017 and after months of flying this sim, I now get a small hint of how to fly a few of the planes. Since the SoCal server was the largest in my opinion, despite me having access to TS1 only, I have to force myself to try my best, despite an Air Austral A380 crossing 20R at KSNA…

So I am enjoying my Live subscription, for you newbies that is what PRO used to be called. Well, I wonder if Infinite Flight has a website…February 19, 2017 is the date and I discover the IFC. Whoa! Mods, Regulars, fellow pilots! What more could it offer?? It probably was July 2017 when I got fully established on how everything worked, the forum guidelines, VA’s, and practically everything we have. Now, I can really have a blast!

I have enjoyed my stay on the IFC more than anything else. I love the IFC. I would never delete my account. Not for a million bucks. Neither would I quite Infinite Flight. To every mod and Regular who has ever helped me and to Laura and Phillipe who brought me this great flight simulator, thank you. Thank you for everything. Thank you even for the warnings I have received via PM in the past @schyllberg . Yeah I don’t like them but they teach me too step up my game and get back on track.

Thank you everybody!


…cough…High-end gaming PC with latest version of P3D…cough

When I first got IF, I used to stall, takeoff from taxiways, land at 270kts with -2000fpm. nuff said
I always dreamed about playing on live but my parents were constantly like “theres tons of free games on the app market no need to waste money you already wasted $15 (bought 2 aircrafts)” and after saving every penny I finally rummaged enough to get IF Live. And yes, I did everything a noob can possibly do. I mean everyone starts somewhere? Thats what TS1 is for! ;)


When I got IF my first thought was “how the heck do I move?” 😂😂😂


What I liked about it most was procedural steps taken from simple parking to engines on to… etc the realism captures you completely even though the graphics need more work. But not too Shay.

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When I joined IF gosh way back in 2012 it was completely different from how it is today. I remember when the 737 was just one livery I remember the awful 747 that had no animations at all. I remember the giant yoke in the bottom center. I remember checking the App Store every day to see if a new update was released. I have seen this sim evolve from something that would be used for 5mins or less a day and that’s it to something that I have used to see the whole world, explored new countries, simulate flights from the real world, and done many more amazing things including hosting events with this amazing community. Starting Tailiwnds Flying Club, which has by far made my life better then what it was before with 2 friends. Anyways that’s my story of my First impression of IF up until now. Time to go fly somewhere ✈️

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When I first saw a picture online, I believe it is a Delta 330 taking off maybe? I was like OMG this is the best thing I have ever seen, I HAVE TO FIND THIS GAME!!!
So I found it. It looked so awesome, And I am like, chilling.
Until one day, when the 787 rework is released, that’s like when I first realize that this could be better.

When I first downloaded this simulator awhile ago, I played Solo for a pretty-long time perfecting my skills. It wasn’t until a couple months later that I finally ended up getting a Live+ subscription and the rest is history.

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My first experience with IF was on a friend’s phone. I was debating on whether the $5 was worth it. My first thought was “Wow these graphics are amazing” followed by “Why is this game so hard” followed by “Why are there so many camera angles”. Not kidding. When I first got Live in December, I was absolutely stunned that this could be possible on a mobile device

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I used to play that game too! F-18 carrier landing I think was what it was called. IF way better tho

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I thought “This might actually be a good game” because all the other games were bad. IF felt somewhat realistic (4 years ago)

When I got the game about summer of 2016, I thought to myself, “this seems cool, I am going to get it, so I did! My first flight on IF was KSFO - KSFO in a C172, I took off at about 300 knots, pulled up to the heavens, stalled out, and crashed into one of the terminals at KSFO. I got used to the game and bought a couple of different aircraft not including the already free aircraft. On November 29th, I got live for 1 month, and I loved it! I loved it so much that I convinced my mom that the $50 bucks for live was worth it, I showed her why, and she agreed and said I could get it! Sadly though I wasn’t the best pilot so to say. The only thing I did was troll, and get to about 14,000 and then push my nose down and crash into the middle of a busy airport, I racked up so many violations that came and killed me in the long run.
About sometime in July, I discovered IFC! By this time I told myself that I was a skilled pilot, even though I still crashed half of the time on live. At first I didn’t really understand the Community, and got into arguments with other members cough, Aussie_Cockatoo, Cough Cough. Anyways I learned it the hard way and got suspended for a week. It was the longest week ever! I constantly checked IFC on my final day of suspension just so I knew when my suspension would be up. But during this time I also learned the rules of the Community, and realized the mistakes I had made in the past. I then joined back with a happy face, and a sorry heart. (Thank you @MishaCamp and @schyllberg for helping me out along the way) I continued to be a good boy on the Community and eventually made it to Regular! And set a record for the fastest demotion from TL3 to TL2 in history..
Back to my IF story though! It seemed to me like I had been improving every single day! At this point, I had a Landing to crash ratio of about 9/10 which was really good IMO! Then one day something terrible happened! My iPhone 5S Broke. I was so sad that I just laid in my bed and cried because I knew that I was gonna miss out on Global, and I did for the first few months. Then one day my dad came home and said that he had switched my cell account over to my moms old Samsung Galaxy S5! I quickly took it and downloaded Global! My first flight was KDEN to KSLC and I was in love with the scenery! I continued my global adventures on low settings until Christmas Day. That was the day I got my New IPhone 8! I once again quickly downloaded IF and hopped on Global! And man was I amazed again! I then started a flight, got up to about 36,000 and almost died. The scenery was unbelievable!
Then one day (Can’t Remember lol) the new Expert Rules came out and I knew that my past had just screwed me in the butt. I decided to buy another 12 month account with my own money, and got on the grind to grade 3. And a week later I am sitting at 20K XP, and about 15 landings. 4 days after that (today) I am at 25K and about 33 Landings, oh yah and 0 Violations!!. So ya that’s my journey, hope you enjoyed it!


My first experience on Infinite Flight was, wow this game is really fun because it was one of the only flight simulators on the App Store with controls that lie in the palm of your hands. Pretty much 99.99% of other flight simulators are on-screen controls. I flew around in a Boeing 737-700 (back then it was only a Southwest Airlines livery) and I thought: Well, flying is going to be hard. I played around with the simulator and the controls and pitched the trim down and didn’t know why my plane’s nose started pitching down. I downloaded Infinite Flight with only flying experience from Mayday Landings (and it was only landings, not takeoffs)! I knew nothing of the controls except for the flaps and even back then, I didn’t know what their purpose was. This was back in 2013 and looking back, I felt like I was such a noob sometimes. I would land and then skid off the runway and think to myself: “This game is rigged.” XD I was such a noob back then. It is now 2018 and I had the game for almost 5 years (I got it back in June or July 2013). I have gone far in learning how airplane controls work and how to do a nice and smooth landing with no winds. I still have to practice crosswind landings, but I’ll get there. I have learned that you have to deploy the flaps before takeoff and landing. This game has taught me a lot about airplanes and how they work. I am confident that I will stick to this game for at least 3 more years.

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I first got IF when I was 6 Years Old or 2013! I sucked, didn’t use flaps at all and always spawbed at Edwards AFB but now I feel more Proffesional!