First takeoff in 2.5 months

So I’ve been short of a subscription recently (as you’ve seen in the title), and I thought it would be amusing to have people watch my takeoff with the flying skills that are VERY rusty. I’ll be making another message when I know the time I can fly again. Hope you all come to see what happens.


Have fun! If you have a set time when you are planning to take off I would create a topic in the #live:events category. Good luck!

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Alright. I’ll PM you when I know. A friend is giving me a ITunes gift card soon. Hope to start again soon.

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Instead of making a whole new topic, just keep it here. 👍


Alright. Will do. It’s been a while since I’ve been on IFC. I should work on getting online more.

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Welcome back to the community. Can’t wait to see the video!! Good luck, fly safe!😀✈️👍

Happy late Birthday! 👍🏻

It’s not my birthday, but thanks. 😂


I’ll try. Thanks mate

Alright anyone who wants to watch it will be at WSSS at 11:45AM EST. For anyone who wants to watch, it will be on the training server. Hope to see lots of people.

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