First Switzerland Take Over - Saturday May 1st, 0700Z-0900Z

Hello everyone !

Some of the Western Europe’s ATC team members decided to takeover the Swiss region for 2 hours on Saturday, May 1st 2021, between 0700z and 0900z (2021-05-01T07:00:00Z2021-05-01T09:00:00Z)! You find below all the airports that will be staffed on Saturday !

Staffed Airports

  1. Geneva | GVA | LSGG:
  1. Zurich | ZRH | LSZH:
  1. Basel | BSL | LFSB:
  1. Bern | BRN | LSZB:
  • Tower: @Fedex
  • Departure+Approach (127.32+127.32): free
  1. Sion | SIR | LSGS:
  1. Lugano | LUG | LSZA:
  1. Switzerland Center : @Alexandre

Further informations :

  • You can fly all routes, all aircrafts (either General Aviation or Jets, just have a look at the maximal size for the airport you plan to visit !)

  • If you are a Western European IFATC and you want to control, just DM me and I’ll add you to the airport you want !

We hope to see you visiting us around the beautiful Swiss mountains 😍 🇨🇭

See you on Saturday !


Can i do local in Sion? Would be nice ;)

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you’re added ! :)

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This area has some of the best quality scenery the app can offer!

I challenge anyone not to be awed whilst on approach into Sion… But better do your planning for speeds, flaps and things if you’re expecting to get onto the runway!

Same applies to Lugano… 😉

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Hey, practical ATC question here… Some of these airports have GPS type approaches to a IAP, then they finish in mid air (at about 7000ft in some cases…)

Then there may be a visual final approach down the valley, with a LOC/DME for guidance.

What approach type should we call for? My instinct is to ask for my GPS approach that’s in my FP, then just continue visually, presumably I’ll have the clearance by then…? A standard ILS approach with intercept just won’t work in some of these places…

Lugano 01 is a good case in point… It finishes at 6000ft flying away from the field… Then there’s a procedure turn to intercept the LOC… Then there’s a dive bomb to the runway!!

The opposite runway is a visual circuit after the LOC /DME breaking off at 3500ft…just wondering how we’ll deal with these given the comm limitations?

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In the cases you mentioned I would call for either a GPS or Visual Approach.


Hello !

As you said, some of these airports won’t allow us to give a standard ILS approach. I would advise you to request either GPS or visual, as Oskar said above 😁

I hope to see you there soon 😉

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GPS or visual it is then, or both, thanks!

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