First Sun Country Charter

Hello IFC,
I am currently In CVG and as I just recently got trained on the 737-700/800 series aircraft for sun country. This was a casino charter from Gulfport! Myself and a coworker are the only ones trained here so we both had to do it and unload it! Here are a few pictures!


That’s cool, so do Ground-Crew have to train on specific Aircraft before dealing with them? Like different ratings?

No there’s no ratings. You just have to go to CBT and finish that. Like me im trained on the Airbus 319/20 and B737 series aircraft do to the airlines we handle

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Wow, what you’re doing is so cool!

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It’s fun I enjoy a lot

Here is a picture of the team and myself after completion of the download of the charter

So which one are you?

That is for everyone to figure out

That’s cool! That livery is awesome (unlike Tide Pod One).

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I personally don’t like that livery. I like tide pod better

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Did you get to go inside the cabin? If so, how is the cabin product?

I did. We had to clean it. I mean it was just a normal cabin. It looked clean and new. Idk how the seats or the legroom was

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The backwards text tho 😳

How the picture was taken

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