First successful long haul & goodbye flight to qantas' 747

route YSSY - KLAX

server training

aircraft qantas 747

boarding at the gate

goodbye australia

passing hawaii

a passenger was nice enough to take this picture

hello los angeles

waving my wings while doing a lowpass


finally parked at qantas maintenance


Wow, congrats for your successful long-haul!


thank you! i was really worried since i was flying on an s10 tho

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These are a great group of photos with an amazing aircraft to go with them! So sad to see the plane go but nice to see people flying it on the simulator :)

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it sure is something special to fly


It’s really difficult to land without having a hard landing for me with this aircraft

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yeah same… i was updide down for a moment when i approached

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Gonna miss the Qantas Queen, Rest In Peace

Also, nice shots mate!

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Sad to see it go, but nice pictures, looks like it was a fun flight.

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Did you do the kangaroo? 🤔

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i did on approach… didn’t fly the 747 in a while

Nice pics, I saw someone doing an air show with the 747-400 at KOSH on expert server today.

Loved the shots of the wings. Nice photos!

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