First spotting vid live on YouTube!

Today I went spotting at my local airport, Palm Beach Intl (PBI) and decided to try and make a video for my YouTube channel which I did below

( NOTE: this is my 1st one hence why it seems really low quality ) Any type of tips is well appreciated!


Nice to see another spotter from Florida here on IFC:).

PBI’s been on my bucket list for airports to spot, would you happen to know any good spots, if I’m able to make it down sometime?


I don’t really know much besides this small park on a small road but there is the parking garage if you wanna get spots from up in the air!

Hey man!

For a guy with a phone, this plane spotting video is very clean ! Not too far of my home in Melbourne too 😁!

Have a nice night !

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Thanks, nice to see another Floridian on the IFC as well and I didn’t even use the 4K 60FPS recording

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I’ll have to look into those two spots, and I’ll see if I can possibly make it up to there when I’m down in Miami in a month! Thanks for the tips:) @NonStopsAviation

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