First spotting session @EHAM

hey IFC,
today was my very first spotting with camera and it was amazing. I first went to the Polderbaan (18R) to see some arrivals and then to the Aalsmeerbaan (18L) to see departures. After that I went to Schiphol Plaza to get some food and drinks.

When I came home I viewed the pictures. So here you go, the 10 that I found best. Enjoy :)



that was my first spotting session…, as you can see there wasn’t much sun. But at least it was dry.
thanks for viewing, bye :)


That’s great for a first time! If you can get some decent light (I know a rare sight in that part of the world) I think you’ve really got it going already. I take it this isn’t your first time using a camera though?


Very nice photos! Great job, especially for the first time!


thank you so much, it is my first time using a camera though


First photo is a beauty. A suggestion that may be incorrect, try maybe some different lighting settings and play with the zoom, you should decrease the exposure time? I’m not a professional spotter or cameraman, but these shots are great, and outstanding for a first time

Edit: This is constructive criticism, I love the photos, they’re good, just my opinion.


Oh then you’re really on a good track. Can’t wait to see what you make of some sun.

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Exposure time seems fine. You could try making it longer but then that’s effectively a pan and the work of holding the camera gets a lot harder. Settings wise the only thing that seems suboptimal is the iso but that has to be high because of the bad light.

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English please?

Joking, but I’m not a camera fanatic so I didn’t really understand a word you said LOL

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yeah, i’ll be practicing with pictures by going spotting at my home airport :)

@KPIT frst gotta convince my dad to drive 100km

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His shutter speed (exposure time) seems fine, it’s sharp enough so I wouldn’t really worry about it unless it’s way different than it appears. Given how sharp the background is it could probably be a little longer (shutter speed is noted in fractions of a second) usually you want your ss to be more or less the same as your focal length (so 300 mm equivalent lense you should have 1/300 sec if that makes sense). The other setting I mentioned is iso that’s how sensitive your sensor is and that’s responsible for much of the grain in the photos, but with no light to get a reasonably fast ss you need a high iso. Make any sense? 😂

Really good shots👍

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I’m a father of a 7 year old and 4 year old. I hope one day they ask to go spotting do we can all go together.

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