First Spotting Session! @ DFW | 03.07.20

Whats up Everyone!

Today i’m gonna be sharing with you my first ever spotting session! It was an awesome experience and i’m looking forward to sharing some of the shots with you!

These pictures were taken at Founders Plaza at DFW on 03.07.20.

Camera: Canon EOS 80D
Lense: Canon 55-250mm

American A321 landing in the beautiful sunset! | N148AN

American 737 with red wingtips preparing for touchdown! | N933AN

One I was looking forward too, a Delta A220 from SLC! | N103DU

An American 787 holding short of 36L!

Which was your favorite?

  • American A321
  • American 737
  • Delta A220
  • American 787

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How would you rate my first spotting photos?

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Thanks for looking through my shots! Stay tuned for more!


I’ve flown 933AN to CVG!


It has weird wingtips lol

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Considering that this was your first time, you didn’t fall into the 75-300 lens trap, and you didn’t shoot backlit, I’m giving you 10/10. Would give 11/10 if it was possible. Looking forward to seeing more.

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Thank you so much! This means a lot.

Looks awesome! Can’t wait to see more and to see you grow as a plane spotter!

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Only one of the about 17 we get daily here lol

I see that you managed a decent shot of a Dreamy holding short of 36L, however, my shot of that always comes out bad :(

Perhaps a spotting meetup could take place o.o

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Those photos are very nice!

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Thanks! I’m excited to start this journey too.

Maybe someday!

I appreciate it!

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Great first session, A321 wins it for me, love the lighting and the clouds give a little background interest too - Nice work!

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