First Solo :)

Hey guys! On the 3rd May 2024, I completed my first solo with the Royal Aero Club of Western Australia in the Cessna 152’s, callsign VH-TNO at 17 y/o, turning 18 at the end of May (early 18th Birthday woo!!). In 2017 this was the first aircraft I flew as a trial introductory flight and 7 years later, I ended up in the same aircraft doing my solo!

I headed out to the airport, pre-flighted the aircraft, took off with my instructor for 3 circuits at Jandakot (YPJT), he made a full stop hopped out of the plane and there he sent me off! As I made my taxi call out, I was nervous it was a moment of realising you’re actually in aircraft by yourself. Anyways… taxiing out to the runway, I was given clearance for takeoff, and that nervous feeling went out the window, it was pure excitement from there onwards. I completed 1 circuit and did a full stop, kinda buttered it too! I taxied in and my instructor made me ring the bell in the building (that’s the tradition at our aero club).

Infinite Flight has helped me a lot and I came back here to say that. I’ve met MANY people on the forum that has helped me get to where I am, including people I’ve met in VA/O’s. I even remember being there for Infinite Flight’s Global release too! There are countless memories I’ve made on Infinite Flight one of them which I did my non-stop 163 hour flight around the world! Another achievement was IFATC, I’d like to thank @Syncline as my Trainer, completing my local controller qualification in 2023. Anyways just a final thank you to Infinite Flight seeing the app grow from 2015 to now has been amazing, and the many people I’ve met on here. So that’s it …there’s my story for the regulars out there (hehe just kidding)

Make sure to never give up on your dreams, make lots of connections out there and talk to lots of people! Controllers are your best friends when you’re in the air, and pilots are there to share knowledge to other pilots and share your knowledge to other pilots when you can, fly safe :)


Wow! Congratulations 🥂

Wishing you the best for many more flights!

✈️ | @If.EnglandYT


Congratulations on your first solo!!! That’s awesome

Blue skies and tailwinds



This is a huge endeavor in your career, and I wish you luck on your future endeavors. Happy to see the way that this simulator has taught you all of this ;)


Wohoo! Congratulations on this one of the biggest achievement in your life. Proud of you, Anthony!