First Solo Cross Country

Recently, I completed my solo cross country. It was a long two and a half hours of flying. We were suppose to start flying at 8am but we had to wait for the clouds to lift and for the ice to melt from the wings. At 10am, I took off from Searcy Municipal Airport (KSRC) and headed Northeast to Batesville Regional Airport (KBVX). I landed on runway 8 there and then taxied back for departure so I can go to Walnut Ridge Airport(KARG). After 25 minutes of flying, I landed at Walnut Ridges’ runway 4. I taxied to the ramp and got out to get something to eat and to take a quick bathroom break. After that, I went back to my airplane but it wouldn’t start. I went back into to the terminal to see if there was a local mechanic and there was. He went out to the plane to take a look at it and told me that starter was frozen. He said he could fix and he did. 45 Minutes later, I was back in the air on the way to Searcy. We had a 15 knot headwind which made f’or a slow fight back.Finally we got back and landed on runway 19 with winds 160@9. All in all, it was a great and fun ride. Any questions feel free to ask.

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Yea buddy good on ya

I’ve got to start planning mine

Great job Ryan !

I can’t wait to do mine !

It was alot of fun. I didn’t have to plan mine all that much because all of my instructor students fly that route.

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Do you know what your route is going to be? Mine was KSRC-KHBZ-KBVX-KARG-KSRC.

Nah I’m planning to start so I don’t know yet

Ah okay. KHBZ is a tricky airport to get into. Luckily for me, my instructor said I didn’t have to land there which I’m very thankful of

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