First snow in Geneva

Hi everyone, today we finally got some snow in Geneva so of course I had to go spotting! enjoy some pics I’ve taken during this 1h spotting session (I hadn’t a lot of time unfortunately 😔)

Turkish 321neo coming in from Istambul

Few easyjet as they are the most common here

Lufthansa CRJ

Iberia A320 to change a bit

This Airfance tail has spent too much time with de-icing 🙂

The baby boeing

And to end the session well, a picture of the aeroflot stuck forever

Thank you for watching this topic, see you for a next one


Nice pics! I can feel the snow in your photos 🥶


Beautiful photos, as always! The snow today was really stunning (apart from all of the bus delays…)


No delay for me, I was riding my bike, just a bit slippery but I do with it 😂

After 1h it was already under the snow lol


Oh haha, I’ve been on the ramp de vesenaz for the last 25 minutes on the bus so these photos were great to entertain me 😂

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lol 😂

We had our first in Cleveland ohio in late November. How much snow do you get across the pond in Geneva.

Not a lot, just enough to see it, but we’ll get rain again so everything will disappear 🥲

Over here we easily get around 3 feet in any storm that passes through. Wish it was just a dusting.

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really unique photos! i love the snow aspect!

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Thanks, I also do

I feel sorry for who ever is riding that bike home…

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I’ve always wanted to do this, but how do you protect your camera from the snow or rain

I brought an umbrella 🙂

but for snow is became heavier and heavier as the time passed lol, had to remove the snow every 20min

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Hahaha. Child’s play. Last year in Minnesota (first pic is near Minneapolis, second is way up north).

Not my pictures


That is a lot of snow.

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Snowiest state in the Lower 48 after @United403 land, @Cole_Woodard land, and @PhorzaSky land.

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