First server

Hi guys I’m still new to this but I hope you like this, i am setting up my first server on the 28th of December. I’ll be flying in the boeing 747-8 from heathrow to san fransisco and ill hope that it’ll be a expert server and people follow’ll be called “My first group flying experience” and it should be open for about a week. Hope I see you there in any plane of your choosing.

P.s leave more suggestions for flights in my 747-8.

Gave a good day and a very merry xmas

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No such thing as a 747-800 FYI
It’s a 747-8

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That’s what I ment I realised that as I sent it, but thanks, ps I did mean 747-8

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One thing, #live:groupflights has to be within 3 hours of posting. No exceptions. What you’re wanting is a Events But to make that, you need to be TL2. You are TL1 right now, so keep contributing to the community and you may be able to get it. But you may also not. I forget the requirements, to see if it would be even possible.


Ok thanks for saying

I think there’s a little misunderstanding here… you can’t make servers on Infinite Flight. There are 3 servers: casual, training, and expert. On those, you can host a group flight or event. On the IFC, you can then post in #live:groupflights or in #live:events (depending on the time until the flight) and IFC members can join. You choose the server that this flight is on, out of the 3 listed above. If you are able to fly on the expert server, then you can have your group flight on there. As @Alphadog4646 stated, however, you will need to wait until you are TL2. I hope this clears it up a little bit, and I hope to see you in the skies!


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