First regular flight of Latam to Santiago de Chile

This B767-300 was Latam’s first aircraft with a regular flight to land in Santiago de Chile.


I’m so sad. I’ve flown on LAN and they are a great airline with an amazing livery. LATAM’s livery, on the other hand, looks like a preschooler’s failed attempt at artwork.

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I’ll miss LAN’s livery too. I hate when airlines merge and create an ugly livery.


I don’t know why everyone is hating on LATAM’s livery. It might not be be the flashiest, but it certainly isn’t the worst cough cough Danish Air Transport cough cough

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Because the livery is pink and dark blue over a grey font.

I guess its a matter of taste and opinion.

If only LATAM was just a group instead of be an airline too. I really liked the 777 in TAM livery and the 787 in LAN.😔

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