First real landing on the F-22, harsh and possibly broken spleen

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Flight Information:

Server: Training

Time: Afternoon

Route: KSFO - KLAX

Comments: This is the first time I have truly tried a dedicated flight in the F-22 Raptor. No more fooling around in Solo. I finally flew an entire route, however landing proved to be more difficult than I’d like.

From what I’ve read on google, the landing speed was somewhere between 135 - 150 Knots. Flying at 135 seemed only to succeed in bringing my aircraft too low with no hope of raising the yoke. I left it at 140 knots I was thinking that even then it was a very slow speed for a nice easy landing. No, when it touched down (illegally with a taxi speed warning.) The aircraft bounced back up only to go straight back down with it bouncing like a pogo stick.

However, I didn’t really crash so that parts a success. Was I really going too fast at 140 knots? It really bothers me, because on the A350, 737-700/800, A380, and even thr A-10 Warthog I have each landed them perfectly and smooth “Butter the runway” as Airforceproud95 would say. Maybe I should just stick to the commercial planes, the only ones I seem to be good at.


Where are the other pics? Are they loaded?

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They should be fixed now.

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Dont be hard on urself i cant land it either (maybe its cause im just bad) ;)